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When we started Your Local Guide we faced the problem with creating the WebPage. We had no budget to pay a reliable good company to do this job for us and we did not wanted to bother our friend to do not paid job, so we made a decision to make it our own. We had absolutely no knowledge about what is it and how to do it but here we are. Now we are working on new page for our tours of Vladivostok, we want different pages for Vladivostok city tours and for Vladivostok outdoor and activity tours and of course we would like to make them more comfortable and usable. Here you may check how would look the page with city tours and of course here are some extra toors available on this page https://yourlocalguide.ru/vladivostok-citytours .
Hopefully we will renew our web within next week and our clients will have more then 6 new tours to choose from. Stay tuned .
And of course some beautiful photos of the most beautiful place on earth
South of Primorye.
Why to go there and how much would it cost?
Summers season has come and of course one of the most, no, the most popular destination among all locals and travelers from around is Southern part of Primorye, somewhere closer to borders with North Korea and national reserve Land of Leopard.
This area is known for beaches and small bays of unbelievable beauty unique red pine trees and huge variety of marine life. There is around 50 natural sights that worth a visit such as lemurs, rocks, mountains, valleys , beaches and bays.
We do offer an unique opportunity to visit not all but the most beautiful places and combine it with unforgettable feelings of Adventure.What is so special about our tour?
1st of all accommodation on ECO resort named ZION. Zion resort is a complex of 5 wooden houses (one bedroom and with 2 bedrooms for 2 and 4 pers) with all the facilities inside the house. Also there is and traditional Russian Banya which is also included in price and of course breakfast and dinner of traditional Russian food on evening it will be BBQ.
2nd All transportations from Zion resort will be done on quad bikes or on off-road vehicle depends on destination. it is an absolutely emotional and unforgettable journey where you will be able to drive ATV yourself, our guide will teach you how to operate it.
3rd for those who a in search of more peaceful time spending we offer fishing or just relaxing on resort play with animals, we have sheeps and dogs.Or you can enjoy taking a sunbathes near swiming pool or in a beach .
Pricé is $ 400 pp and includes all transportations, accommodation, banya, dinner and breakfast , 2 or 3 tours one of then on quad bikes. Duration of tour is 2 full days . If you have more questions please do not hesitate to write to us.
The Mighty Pidan mountain
Every local resident considers it his duty at least once to visit this mountain.Why? what is so Special about this place?
2 days ago was first in this year successful commercial ascend to Pidan mountain. Before, in this year already was 3 attempts to do this but clients was not really ready for trekking like this.
If you ask any person on a street about Pidan they will tell you a lot of mystical stories. NatGeo came here to film a movie about flying men who is screaming in the night and eat lost tourists brrrr. Others will tell you about 3 witches who are forever young and often come out to those who are trying to reach the summit of mountain. Other will tell you about lost civilization of Bahai people for whom Pidan was a place of power and saint energy. Anyway this mountain each year during season attracts thousands of tourists and of course we do organize trekking tour to mountain Pidan from Vladivostok.
After the storm there is no road for now to mountain footsteps so it took us around 9 hours of trekking from place where our KAMAZ stoped and back. We spend a great day reaching the summit of Pidan. Really you can feel some energy when you getting close to the top. Some people can not believe they were strong enough to do that some are just feel absolute happiness. Tour to mountain Pidan is a unique opportunity to see the wilderness of Taiga (Siberian forest) meet some wildlife and of course to test yourself. If you are interested in visiting mountain Pidan please feel free to ask us any questions and lets go do this.

Boat Tours season is Started
Sorry we've been out for some time and did not write anything.Now I would like to let everyone know that our Boat is serviced and now on water ready to delivery you the best memories of time that you spent in Vladivostok.Our Vladivostok and Russkiy Island Boat tour is really popular and we receive allot of request for this tour.Took us two years to design the best possible route for this tour. Also we are open to change destination according to your preferences and ideas. For example some of our client are love fishing - you are Wellcome we have all the necessary equipment for this, or you would like to go around all the islands near Vladivostok, we would love to organize this for you.
The first man in space and the flooding of the orbital station Mir
This weekends we discovered new interesting place.Its is a bit far from city but its truly worth it.Remember on 12th of April on 1961 Uri Gagarin was the first man in space and the first place to receive voice message from him was this huge Radar 87 matters high. This construction is impressive and we had a great chance to spend one day around it in a fields. In 2001 signal to flood orbital station Mir was sent exactly from this radar.It is sad but is a part of history and we were lucky to see it so close.Radar is located on existing military territory but we found the way to get as close as we could and are happy to offer all the space lovers to go there on a day tour from Vladivostok.We are already glad to take you there but just now we are thinking on couple extra spots during this tour. Starting from Vladivostok we will ride all the way pass through city of Ussurisk and farther to Russian villages in one of them Radar RT-70 (70m is diameter of mirror) is located.If you are interested in visiting this place with us when you will be in Vladivostok send as a letter and we will gladly take you on our "space tour" out of Vladivostok
Most Cozy Cafe of Vladivostok
Hello dear travelers we would like to share with you one of Vladivostok hidden gems. In the most heart of city there is located small cafe where it is always summer. Local cafe is really worth a visit, they are offering really tasty pies, donuts and their famous smoothie bowls and of course perfect coffee. At the end of the week on Friday nights they have live music with open stage where everyone can perform in front of friendly audience. On the second floor of their place they have a shop with local brands clothings.
To find this place please click this link.
Also we would like to share with you their instagram -https://www.instagram.com/local.housee/
This is not advertising, we really liked this place and what you to check it.
New Vladivostok seafood Tour
On This weekends we've found new interesting place for visit. On the real end of Russky island at the "Voevoda Bay" located an really interesting object which is truly worth the visit. Seafood farm located in a barge moored to the shore. At a depth of one meter under the water there are plantations of oysters and sea cucumber, as well as scallops. There is also a laboratory for growing algae for feeding. We bought several kilograms of live scallops for our company, we were given a knife and soy sauce, this is all that locals need to enjoy fresh seafood, we opened the scallop ourselves, cleaned it, poured it with sauce and ate it - it was great, nothing is better then fresh seafood delicacies. Later we talked with the administration of this farm and agreed on the possibility of bringing our clients here for a tour, we also agreed that the price will include tasting scallops and oysters.We are always searching for new experience for our clients, we try our best to provide you with the best Vladivostok tours we can. Stay tuned to our Tours tab, there will be a very tasty offer soon.
More photos from Slavianka.
We have a lot of photos from our last post about sunset tour to Slavianka from Vladivostok. And we can not keep this photos hidden from you, our mission is to make you feel vibrations of our home and make you to foul in love with this places. So if you ever find yourself in Vladivostok you know where to go
Slavianka. Beautiful sunset tour from Vladivostok
Yesterday was one of that day when Clients trusted us completely, their only wish was beautiful nature. So we decided to take them on tour to Village Slavianka all the way to the cape of Bruce. During the summer season this place is crowded by local tourists, but we had a chance to be there alone and enjoy sunset views.It was absolutely stunning view, there was stormy clouds and actually we were thinking that we will not see anything beautiful but just in a minutes after we think this wind blew dark clouds and omg..... I have no word, hopes pics will describe it better.
This is not popular tour from Vladivostok as it is takes 2-3 hours to drive only one way, but it was a great Saturday journey. We offer a lot of different kid of tours in Vladivostok and around but decently should give more attention to this one. Just look at this photos and you will understand what we are talking about.

The only way to get there is private transportation, public busses will take you only to village itself.Here is also some great beach for summer camping. If you want to visit this place, We would love to take you there

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