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Vladivostok City Tours

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Vladivostok City Tour
Tour on which you will visit all the main sights of City and some special places that are hidden from tourists. We are welcome to change the route according to your personal interests and expectations. This tour is a mix of driving car and walking so it is suitable for people of all ages.
Price - 80 USD (per person)
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Russkiy Island tour
In this tour will acquaint you with the history of the Russian Island, you will see old fortifications some of them are abandoned in some places there is a really huge guns and of course unforgettable beauty of nature and the shores of the Japanese Sea. This tour is mix of riding and walking so it is suitable for everyone.
Price - 80 USD (per person)
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Vladivostok and Russkiy island
One of our most popular tours. This is a combination of sightseeing city tour mixed with the military history of Russkiy island and its unforgettable nature. Duration of tour is around 6-7 hours so you will have a choice of the best local restaurants which you will not visit any other way but with us. This one is also a mix of driving and walking so suitable for everyone

Price - 120 USD (per person)
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Seafood Farm tour
Seafood farm located in a barge moored to the shore at the really end of Russkiy Island.During this tour we will take you on a ride through whole island and you will be able to see abandoned soviet military constructions.On a farm you will have degustation of the rashest oyster and scallop also you will be able to buy sea cucumber products or other seafood for the cheapest price in the city.
Price - 80 USD (per person)
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Hiking to Tobizina Cape
Tobizina is one of the most visited nature places not too far from the city.
It is very beautiful cape with high cliffs which is situated on a Russky island.
Steep mountains, flat stones digging into the sea,beautiful coat, translucent water, overall view. Hiking to Tobizina cape is exciting as it goes along the beautiful trail on cliffs edges.

Price - 80 USD (per person)
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Vladivostok Boat Tour
One of most popular tours during summer season. You will visit amazing lighthouses of Vladivostok and will be able to see places which are available only by water.Can be combined with Fishing and extreme sports. Tour requires at least 2 participants and can be done May to November. For additional information please feel free to contact us

Price - 175 USD (per person)
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Beertesting tour
This tour designed by beer lovers for beer lovers. This tour includes degustation of Russian and Vladivostok craft beers in one of bars that we will choose on day of tour.Price includes 5 different beers and local snacks. Price is for minimum group of 4 pax. Individual price is 68 usd

Price - 40 USD (per person)
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Glass Beach + Shamora
+ (best street food lunch)
There are two absolutely unique beaches all over the world. The beach is completely covered with small glass pieces that remained here from the glass processing factory. On a Glass beach, i will teach you how to skip stones. And as a bonus, i will take you to the main city beach named "Shamora" where we will have lunch at the best street food spot.
Price - 50 USD (per person)
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Safari Park Tour
Meet the representatives of the wild fauna of Primorsky Taiga. You will see the Amur tiger, the king of the local forests. Leopard is the rarest cat in the world. Wild deer, wild boars, bears, and also stroke the handsome raccoons. The park was founded as a refuge for the wounded and rescued animals. According to the magazine "Around Earth" , this park is one of the 12 best zoos in the world

Price - 125 USD (per person)
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Siberian Taiga forest hike
Hiking through the taiga, dense forest of the Primorsky Territory along the mountain stream Smolny will lead you to the old place for meditation that the Ushuists built. Here you will rejoice in the beauty of wild untouched places, see the Taiga in all its beauty and visit the famous gazebo for meditation. You will certainly understand why it was here that this arbor was constructed from old trees.

Price - 125 USD (per person)
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Mountain Pidan
Mount Pidan is undoubtedly the most mystical place in the Primorye. NatGeo came here to shoot a film about a flying human. The older generation remembers the Witch's rituals that were held on this mountain, many describe their encounter with witches to this day. All this together with the beauty and savagery of the taiga makes this trip an unforgettable one.
Price - 180 USD (per person)
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Here we have listed the tours that we are most asked about, but this is not all the tours that we offer.
Since we provide the services of a private guide, we ask you to provide us with information about your interests, expectations and budget and we will choose the perfect tour for you.

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