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Vladivostok Travel Tips
Are you planing your visit to Vladivostok?
What is it for you, an city at the end of Transsiberian railway or a wild capital of Russian Far East? Whatever it is you have decided to come and see for yourself! Great idea! We will help you to have a lifetime experience in Vladivostok exploring its unique character and beauty.Here are some tips that might be useful while planning your visit and packing your things.
Welcome to Vladivostok!

Vladivostok Travel Tips

Of course you need local currency. Dollars and euros are not accepted in any restaurant or shop. However, do not hurry to exchange a large sum of money at the airport as the exchange rate leaves much to be desired. Exchange somel amount of money (300-400USD) for your initial expenses such as transport, accommodation, food as well as some souvenirs or tips. All other payments can be done by Visa or Mastercard
Vladivostok is surrounding be the sea so quite often it is really windy hear so Take and put on warm clothes! No matter which season you are going to come, the weather is unpredictable! Well-chosen clothes will make your sightseeing much more comfortable.You can send us a message for more detailed weather information for your dates, feel free we love to communicate
Vladivostok is a big city so for those who are looking for problems it would not be a problem to find them.But mostly people here are friendly.The Russian police have the right to stop anyone for an ID check. You must have at least a photocopy of your passport,regestration card from hotel and immigration card (which was given to you at the plane or ship) this is the most important document for foreigners in russia make sure you keep it.
Most Russians don't speak foreign languages. So if you want your stay to be comfortable, you have three options:
— Learn Russian and feel yourself like a duck to water.
— Be as expressive as you can, speak with your gestures and mimicry.
— Have your personal guide or assistant who will make your stay interesting and comfortable.
In case of emergence feel free to call us we will help you
Public transportation in Vladivostok can be tricky even for Locals.Ask at a reception of your hotel how to get to place you need. A lot of people use taxi average price for taxi in city is around 300RUB (5 USD). Or you can hire a private guide and we will drive you everywhere you need on a comfortable car.
Vladivostok Airport is not really located in Vladivostok it is in city Artem which is around 40km away from Vladivostok.
The fastest way to get to city is to use AeroExpress train which would cost you 250 Rub (operating hours is 7:10AM - 6:00PM) departing times 7:42,8:30,10:45,13:15,17:40
The cheapest option is public Bus #107 which stops in front of airport exit but we are not sure it goes according to schedule its price is 150 Rub.
Next option is taxi, there will be a lot of taxi drivers asking you to go with them and as soon as they will know you are foreigner they will rise up a price so use official taxi desk or mobile application "Maxim Taxi" which is also works in city price will be around 1000-1300 RUB
And of course the best option will be to order transfer services, we will meet you at the airport with name board give you a comfortable ride to city and help with check in at your hotel our price for transfer is 35 USD (up to 3 pax) Book Transfer
Wheelchair accessibility

Unfortunately, Vladivostok is practically not adapted for people with disabilities. There are some places that are adapted but not many. Send us a message and we will help you to find those places